Tower Services

Antenna & Tower Specialties (ATS) offers service from the Gulf of Mexico throughout the United States. Dynamic industries such as cellular, PCS, oil and gas and pipelines count on ATS for rapid response and expertise in achieving peak performance.  Government entities at the local, state and federal level all have ATS on their speed dial for quick and efficient project management and top-notch performance.

Operation and maintenance for guyed as well as self-supporting towers is provided by a team of veteran ATS professionals. Projects range from system optimization to completing federal tower requirements to emergency call-outs.

ATS offers:

  • Tower Inspections
  • Lightning Dissipaters
  • Path Alignments & Peaking
  • Cable Guying
  • Light System Maintenance, Repair & Relamping
  • Sales, Installation & Maintenance of Towers, Light Systems & Antennas
  • Transmission Line/Heliax Installation
  • Dynamometer Measurements & Retensioning
  • Grounding System Evaluation & Optimization
  • Cellular & Microwave Antenna Installations
  • Custom Dish Mounts & Antenna Brackets


For more information and to discuss a solution that meets your needs, please call 337-237-6081.