About Broadpoint

Our History

Broadpoint's heritage dates back more than 27 years to the early days of two-way radio, cellular and satellite communications in the Gulf of Mexico.  The company was formed by the merger of PetroCom, SOLA Communications, and Coastel Communications in January 2007. In 2010, Broadpoint joined the Cellular One family of companies, enabling it to integrate its world-class offshore service with onshore nationwide voice and data services. In 2015, Tampnet Inc., the US subsidiary of the Norwegian-based leading offshore high capacity and low latency communications provider Tampnet AS, reached an agreement to acquire Broadpoint LLC. Tampnet will with the acquisition offer premium, Gulf-wide 4G/LTE (“4G”) coverage to the O&G industry in the region, its resellers and its roaming partners by upgrading the existing 2G network to offer robust and reliable 4G service.The combination is a comprehensive service offering that meets all of your communication needs.
Among the highlights in our rich heritage:
  • First to introduce satellite communications in the Gulf of Mexico
  • First to introduce a combined cellular/satellite communications network
  • First to launch digital wireless service over satellite
  • First to launch 4GLTE services offshore