About Broadpoint

Broadpoint delivers an easy, flexible and complete range of wireless services to companies operating offshore in the Gulf of Mexico. In addition to its rig and platform based cellular network, Broadpoint also provides antenna and tower services as well as on-vessel installation and configuration.

Broadpoint’s energy and maritime customers face harsh environments that create a unique set of communication challenges. With the ability to customize solutions for a range of needs and budgets, Broadpoint provides the right level of reliable connectivity at the right price.

Broadpoint is and always has been a leader in providing telecommunication services for the world’s offshore markets by meeting the energy and maritime industries’ expanding needs for improved technology, more efficient and reliable service, and real time connectivity.


Cellular Voice and Data:
Broadpoint deployed the world’s first offshore digital wireless network and today maintains the most extensive network in the Gulf of Mexico, covering more than 100,000 square miles. Roaming is available across much of the Western Hemisphere as well. The optimum mobility of Broadpoint’s cellular services both offshore and onshore across the United States keeps people and their data connected.